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November 17 2013

OH @metalab: I took this at 2am and I couldn’t sleep until 10! - Mate-Shots consumer warning! #hackathon --maclemon
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November 10 2013

the finished lamp :) --red667 on Twitter
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November 09 2013

1805 6a2d
xkcd comic by Randall Munroe
reprint sponsored by meta
emergency key box by overflo & lazzzor
pic by sfslim
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October 27 2013

Lasercut Dragon lamp parts made at @metalab --MacLemon

August 19 2013

@projectgus the lazzzor cut is a bit older but the creator is imported from down under - and on Sat police catched a kangaroo here in AT - blame global warming?
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August 18 2013

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lazzzored cardboard for a kids bday party by J.
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--iambabsi on Twitter  |  16 Aug 2013
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May 16 2013

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Hab mir wieder einmal eine Nacht im @metalab um die Ohren geschlagen und diesmal eine 65x30cm große Wandlampe für Imperielle Discozwecke gemacht...
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February 20 2013

February 17 2013

February 04 2013

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Downloading interlocking quadrilaterals is stealing
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January 21 2013

wut?! - pls note the fine print.

Beim Lasercutter kann man sich jetzt anmelden!
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January 08 2013

Dymaxion Puzzle Anyone? Thanks #metalab --devdsp
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Or maybe you'd prefer a dymaxion glob? #metalab --devdsp
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January 01 2013

thx @mihi
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December 27 2012

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29c3 Hamburg
Tag 1
Metalab Give Aways
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29c3 Hamburg
Tag 1
Hardware Hacking Area im Hackcenter
Hackerspaceshop.com Solarroboflowers by overflo
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1082 3435 500
29c3 Hamburg
Tag 1
Metalab Assembly 3. Stock
Hackerpassport Metalab 29c3 Stempel
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