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December 21 2012

 Very Nice box out of the Lazzor
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December 15 2012

December 10 2012

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Tinkering with Roboexotica exhibit at the WEL -
straggler or early bird for 2013?  | via @guckes
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@mind machine in action @ Roboexotica 2012  | via @maltman23
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Cocktail Robot build within one night @metalab last metaday. ...and it got ACRA awarded in team with Kokoromis Dancingularity as Drinkularity Extension at Roboexotica 2012
w00t ^^ and <3 to the lazzzorcutterrrrrrr
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graphic on cabinet at Metalab
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December 05 2012

You've gotta <3 the guys! - Metalab 3D printing dept. preparing for a BRZ extravaganza fringe event, with the minister of the interior participating. Last minute making of a banner post, but taking time to adorn with a lazzzored AKVorrat logo and slogan against the retention of telecommunications data. Me gusta.
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December 01 2012

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thx @kallaballa. for helping
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November 30 2012

Sorry for the late announcement of the next workshop :).
The good news: I'm scheduling the next 2 workshops ahead.
greets, amir

### Lazzzor Away ###
Sa. 1 Dec 2012 : 16:00 - 20:00
No special topic, since i didn't have time to prepare :).
Just bring your  ideas and material, and we'll lazzzor away.

### X-mas ###
Do. 20 Dec 2012 : 16:00 - 20:00

What is a lazzzor cutter for? exactly. Last chance to
manufacture some  christmas presents.

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November 28 2012

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Metafridge acrylic doorstop
(the one from simple cardboard were disposed every little while)

November 26 2012

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Chaoswelle auf das Notebook lasern lassen: Check. #metalab
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November 25 2012

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Chaoswelle auf das Notebook lasern lassen: Check. #metalab
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November 15 2012

thanks ;-) it was a pleasure being able to help

November 14 2012

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after i repaired the laser cutter at metalab i made myself some nice π cropcircle keychain. ;-)  design can be downloaded here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:34497 --@tomkorn
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All hail ΠTΩ - he fixed the damaged thread with a steel nut inlay
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