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November 25 2016

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(1) 502204 Z-line panel filter für LN230ZA
(2) 500448 HEPA-Filter H13 für LN230ZA

November 15 2016

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Geburtstagsgeschenk  --Harald
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Distanzhalter für Antenne  --Harald, oe3hbs
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November 08 2016

LN 230 ZA exhaust filter unit
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motor control PCB
LN 230 ZA exhaust filter unit
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Don't hold your breath!?

To be replaced with Vishay 159 PUL-SI Al Capacitors
MAL215946221E3 with Tamb = 105 °C
RS order no. 749-2368
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November 05 2016

October 27 2016

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two teachers and a small group of students from BG Schwechat visited us today to cut some decoration for their prom!
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Kassomat prototype panel 2.0 - slowly getting towards a finished panel :)
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October 07 2016

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another new X axis motor assembly 
b/c the attached rotary encoder is defunct
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July 31 2016

--scottyallen on Twitter
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June 30 2016

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history repeating

"This is very bad! Bad Lazzzor!" (2011-04-07)
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Epilog Legend 36EXT Encoder Maintenance
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